#manifiesto Open Learning

#manifiesto Open Learning

#manifiesto Open Learning
González Hermoso de Mendoza, Alfonso (Autor)
Lara, Tíscar (Autor)
Magro, Carlos (Autor)
Rodríguez, Joaquín (Autor)
This article covers the experiences in the transformation of the Industrial Organization School EOI, the eldest business schools in Spain. A business school is uniquely positioned to be a laboratory in whichto experience the challenges facing learning in today’s society. The education of entrerpreneur managers and entrepreneurs in management requires a response in line with the demands of a society and amarket where the personalization and humanization of learning have become the engine of a profound social and economic transformation in which the public, private and citizens come together in achieving the common good. The expression Open Learning collects the challenges that are facing both

training institutions and traditional learning models

Páginas: 36
Publicación: Diciembre 2011
Formato: PDF http://api.eoi.es/api_v1_dev.php/fedora/asset/eoi:75464/componente75472.pdf
Temática: Educación en abierto; educación expandida; alfabetización digital; aprendizaje por proyecto; aprendizaje móvil; aprendizaje a lo largo de la vida; emprendimiento;

open learning, business school, collaboration, digital identity, OER open educational resources, sustenaibility, simulation, design thinking, mobile learning, ethics

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